1031 W. Manchester Blvd Unit F, Inglewood CA 90301

IT Disposal

We're committed to reducing eWaste.


We buy used IT equipment and recycle responsibly obsolete ewaste.

*Network Hardware
*Enterprise Storage
*Hard Drives
*Tape Drives
*IP Phones
* Electric Panels
* Electric Breakers

We offer Trade Credits for used and overstock gear. Your credits never expire, so trade now while your equipment has a resale value, and use credits when you're ready.

We Pay All Freight Charge For All Gear Purchased.

After agreeing to purchase your equipment, if needed, we can properly dismantle, pack and transport equipment to our warehouse. We have partnerships with common carriers who can palletize equipment and also with data center moving companies.

We are committed to “Reuse instead of Landfill”. All efforts are made to re-purpose used equipment. If obsolete, we separate by component level and send to proper downstream R2 recyclers, ensuring compliance with State and Federal environmental laws. Once there, all equipment is sorted and broken down to the component and raw material level for Up-cycling. This practice leads to fewer toxins and hazardous materials in our landfills.

Please provide details regarding your decommissioned hardware.

Include all details-part number, manufacturer, qty, location, ground level vs floor level and if data needs to be wiped.

Please Provide Details